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Cornerstones Wellness and Physiotherapy Centre - An Integrated Family Health Centre

A Body, Mind, and Spirit approach to Wellness


Our Commitment is to promote a multicultural understanding of Integrated Health and Healing. 

Our Focus to be a Leader in providing a Holistic approach to Health care.

Our Purpose is to promote Health and Healing through the Integration of Traditional and Alternative Therapies.

Our Promise is to respond to the communities needs by providing highly qualified alternative practitioners who will treat clients and educate them about choices that are available for Integrated Health Care.

Our Goal is to network with other health care professionals and the public, to become advocates for Holistic Health and Wellness utillizing the princples of Integrated Health Programs.

Our Gift is to provide a centre for associate practitioners, from all over the world, to come to the Northwest and share their expertise for Integrated Health and Healing. 

Our Management Model is based on a healing paradigm which support practitioners with on going self development and healing which creates advanced therapeutic relationship processes to communication and relationships.


Wellness Programs

Our management team will work jointly to create a holistic plan for each patients care.

This will be based on a body, mind and spirit approach for integrated care.


Energy Medicine

Cornerstones Wellness Centre is an energy based clinic.

Our practitioners are trained in vibrational medicine which connects each patient to natural intelligence that creates wellness.


"Science cannot patent the ultimate mystery of life, nor can it disregard the unseen energy component of healing."

~Author Unknown