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Our Commitment is to promote:


- A broader attitude and viewpoint along with a multicultural understanding of Integrated Health and Healing

Create consciousness raising programs about alternative therapy and it's relationship to self wellness

Educational programs for disease prevention

- Ongoing Leadership for Change programs

Ongoing programs for relationship healing

- Energy and Vibrational Medicine


Specialized Programs - We provide programs that are specifically designed for your company or personal needs, whether it be ~ Team Building, Mediation, Corporate Coaching for Managers, Personal Wellness Evaluation, Chronic Pain Treatment, Life Rehab Program, Day Detox Program and much more

Practitioner Program - Practitioner space is available. An interview process will be utilized to assist each associate to harmonize with our Commitment to a Holistic Approach in our Integrated Centre. We will support Associate Practitioners with referrals and front office administration. Practitioners interested in joining our committed team are invited to contact us. 

A Mentoring Program is available for New Practitioners.

The Management Team at Cornerstones will share their expertise in practice building, clinic management and self development required for a Body Mind Spirit practice.


Founding Partners Founding Partners Visions

Betty Lou Hunt P.T., C.A.F.C.I. is a licensed Physiotherapist trained in Acupuncture. She supports people to take responsibility for their own health and healing. Her vision is to provide the Centre to allow practitioners to come together under one roof treating clients with a Body, Mind, Spirit approach.

Joanne Roberts V.T., P.C., Facilitator is an Energy Therapist, a Psychology of Vision Trainer, a Family Mediator and a Personal/Corporate Coach. Her purpose is to support people to connect to their true self. Her programs called "Creating Community Healing", "Leadership for Healing Communities" and "Take Back Your Life Series" are her way of contributing to a better world for the children and grandchildren.



Heather Roberts, RMT

Registered Massage Therapist

Betty Lou Hunt, P.T., C.A.F.C.I

POV Trainer, Acupuncture, Physiotherapy

Amol Ajgaonkar, BPT, CMP


Angelo Octaviano

Massage Practitioner

Paula Amorim

Life & Leadership Coach

Joanne Roberts - POV Trainer

Energy Therapist, Personal Coach/Facilitator


Wellness Program

This is a process that will assess and recommend personal healing programs for individuals who are not familiar with a wellness approach and wish to begin a Body, Mind and Spirit process. Our team of practitioners will work jointly to promote a holistic plan for self care.

Wellness Coaching

It is our belief that to maintain a healthy body we must first have a healthy mind. We are committed to assisting each client to find a peaceful and purposeful approach to life. This program is based on the Psychology of Vision healing model. This model Provides tools as well as healing with a coaching approach.

Study Groups/Workshops

Ongoing study groups and workshops will be held at the centre throughout the year, such as A Course in Miracles, and Psychology of Vision workshops. These events will be held in the workshop space attached to the centre. To be on our mailing list please contact us.


It is our intention to make you visits to our centre about wellness; therefore we have individual payment plans available. For more information see individual brochures. For reimbursement of services provided, check with your extended health plan provider.

Specialized Programs

We also provide programs that are specifically designed for your company or personal needs, whether it be ~ Team Building, Mediation, Corporate Coaching for Managers, Personal Wellness Evaluation, Chronic Pain Treatment, Life Rehab Program, Day Detox Program and much more.

Services Provided

- Energy Therapy                                                     - Occupational Rehab

- Acupuncture                                                          - Physiotherapy

- Family Mediation                                                     - Registered Massage Therapy

- Detox Sauna                                                         - Personal & Corporate Coaching