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Occupational Rehabilitation


Occupational Rehabilitation 1 (OR1) is a structured, active rehabilitation program focused on return to work through physical and functional conditioning, education, and supported return to the workplace. The program is offered by Betty Lou Hunt and Amol Ajgaonkar, Physiotherapists at Cornerstones Wellness Centre.

    Description of Services

All workers undergo a full evaluation before a customized program is developed. Treatment may include:

- Individualized treatment to address the specific needs of the worker

- Activities to promote flexibility, strength and aerobic conditioning

- Real or simulated work activities

- Education focussed on soft tissue healing, the value of exercise, proper posture, and body mechanics.

- Return to work planning and support, which may include a job site visit when approved by a WorkSafeBC officer.

Admission Criteria

The program is designed for workers who meet the following criteria:

- Are at least three weeks post-injury

- Have soft tissue injury, resolved surgery or a healed fracture

- Have no medical contradictions to an activity-based program and are expected to benefit from exercises to improve strength, endurance and mobility.


This program is not appropriate for the worker who:

- Meets or exceeds the physical requirements of their job and is considered fit to return to work

- Requires only return to work support services

- Presents with a medical condition that would put the worker at undue risk of harm

- Is unlikely to benefit due to barriers beyond the scope of the program to resolve

- Is currently engaged in another treatment intervention for the same injury

- Has been diagnosed with an Activity-related Soft Tissue Disorder (ASTD) or has been diagnosed with Complex Regional Pain Syndrome (CRPS)

Length Of Service

Workers typically attend the program four hours per day, five days per week, for a maximum of 30 consecutive business days. This may include any combination of treatment at a rehabilitation clinic and the work site. There may be exceptions to attendance requirements based on the individual's needs.

Service Locations

OR 1 is offered at WorkSafeBC-approved clinics throughout B.C.

Referral Process

Workers are referred to the program by a WorkSafeBC officer. Attending physicians can refer to the program by communicating this to the WorkSafeBC officer verbally or through a Form 11.