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Steps to Leadership

Developing Visionary Leaders with Emotional Intelligence 


Steps to Leadership is a program designed to support an evolutional leap in your personal, professional and business life. 

Based on the premise stated by Albert Einstein "You can't solve the problem with the same mind that created it", this innovative program will empower you to step beyond what you "think" to a place of true "knowing" where possibilities and opportunities that are aligned with your life purpose are naturally drawn to you. This is commonly known as the law of attraction. 

This is exhilarating new work that will enhance and enrich everything you do.

By developing yourself as a visionary leader with emotional intelligence you will awaken to who you truly are and make empowered choice that will open the doors to greater levels of success and personal fulfillment.

The purpose of this program is to:

  • Evolve the world of leadership creating a dynamic new paradigm in our work experience based on vision, collaboration, connection and passion.
  • Experience practical leading edge tools that take us to the next level of living our purpose and creative potential
  • Let go of self defeating patterns - most of which we are not aware of - that may block higher levels of success in all areas of our lives
  • Gain emotional intelligence/maturity and acquire the ability to us it wisely
  • Empower ourselves and those we are in relationship with.


Joanne Roberts is a Psychology of Vision Trainer, business coach and transformational energy therapist. As the Executive Director of Cornerstones Wellness Centre, she facilitates programs that assist people to align their soul's purpose with their life's work. Her experience in real estate, corporate boards, provincial politics and health care inspired her to find a new way to create a paradigm shift in the business world that profoundly effects our personal well-being and has a positive influence on the lives of those around us.

Audit Program

Joanne will coach and mentor students who have completed a steps program and with to review and/or facilitate a program themselves.


How will I benefit from taking the Steps to Leadership?

- Participation in a creative and supportive healing environment

- Discovering tools that will transform your life

- A flexible alternative to the workshop forum, with more interaction 

- You will get a buddy to partner up with to engage with you throughout the entire program

- One on one sessions with the facilitators every ten modules for mentoring and support

- Clear explanations, exercises, guided visualizations, videotapes and audiotapes

- Examine the dynamics of your life in the principles of Psychology of Vision

- Gain knowledge of and practice in the principles of Psychology of Vision

- Discover your power and step beyond being a victim or victimizer

- Learn the meaning of your life and discover your purpose   


*This includes attendance to 3 Psychology of Vision Workshops:

A one day, a two day and a three day event.


**COMING SOON 2018**


Joanne Roberts

Psychology of Vision Trainer

604-314-8257 - Vancouver

250-627-7255 - Prince Rupert